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Healthier crops

How do plants grow to their optimal nutritional value?

Since micro-nutrients are so important in plant health and nutrition, as well as soil health, fertilizing soils with a liquid organic fertilizer that is rich in trace elements generally results in robust plants , nutrient dense foods and ecologically sound soil maintenance. Plants require a good source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium for proper growth. Along with these macro elements, there are numerous micronutrients also needed by the plant. One of the best and most economical sources of micronutrients is concentrated sea minerals. When soils have a well rounded source of macro and micronutrients, proper sunshine and water, plants can thrive and be chocked full of nutrition.

Our research focus has focused on two key ingredients – 1) replace all the lost nutrients in the lifecycle and 2) provide an enhanced chelation process so the nutrients are delivered more effectively and efficiently than before.

Only with the FULL amount of missing micro-nutrients can plants reach their complete nutritional value and break away from nutrient deficit disorder.

Converte has one of the highest and most diverse nutrient inputs on the market, thus producing the most nutrient rich, robust and high quality product. The trace elements, phyto-proteins, plant vitamins, plant hormones, natural starch based chelator and sacchrides help create the right organically held N P K required for universal application. Converte treated plants flourish in reduced rainfall and because of their increased nutrition, (dissolved nutrient content), are resistant to extremes of temperature and insect attack.

Converte is specially formulated from natural elements. These elements allow the best utilisation of all available water by balancing the Rhizosphere ecology in which the plant is rooted and plant nutrition.

Then deliver these lost nutrients as effectively and quickly as possible to the plant cells.

The major limitation with synthetic and natural chelating agents has been a poor chelation efficiency ie. a large amount of chelating agent are required to chelate a low percentage of metal ions. Essentially, chelation allows plant and animal life to absorb nutrients whilst offering protection from reacting with other ions that prevent this absorption.

If chelated elements enter the plant more efficiently, they are absorbed more rapidly by both the roots and leaves of the plant. Faster nutrient transfer results in accelerated growth, higher Brix levels and higher yield. Converte has a new natural chelation process that provides this benefit.

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