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Living Soil

Farms worldwide have been subjected to a diet of harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, without any consideration of the long term damage of the soil. Chemicals seemed at first to be the answer to the farmers dream. However with increasing reliance on chemicals to fertilize and control weeds, pests and disease, farmers now find themselves involved in a constant struggle applying more chemicals to maintain the production and to control weeds, pests and plant diseases. The resultant food, be it grain, vegetable, fruit or meat is deficient and fails to satisfy human needs.

The soils microbial population is almost totally destroyed and the soil becomes vulnerable to salinity and erosion. The imbalance of NPK fertilization without nutrient recycle, and net nutrients export faster than the topsoil can form to replenish them has led to spent and impoverished soils.

On examination of the chemical, physical and biological quality of farm soils, most have missing elements, including brewed microbes. The life system that Converte initiates allows farmers to change from fully chemical farming to practical, sustainable NATURAL farming, progressively without economic disaster.

Plus this new life system provides soil tithe, improved soil water and fertilizer holding qualities and better food and shelter for microbial and other life within the soil. It feeds the microbes, and through a long forgotten natural technology delivers the nutrients safely and efficiently to the plant using minimum fertilizers and reduces cost.

Converte restores the soil progressively and develops practical humus content. This not only produces greater total production but also delivers photo-chemical and mineral rich and better tasting products, with longer shelf life, while preserving the integrity of the soil.

Converte works with nature, increasing production of good food while preserving and restoring the source of wealth: the soil.

Converte treated plants flourish in reduced rainfall and because of their increased nutrition, (dissolved nutrient content), are resistant to extremes of temperature and insect attack.

Anyone who farms, grows produce, raises livestock, has a home garden can trial the new life system in their own situation.


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