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Real natural health


Natural health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual and connected wellbeing, all the time.

To attain this state requires eating nourishing foods grown in mineral-rich, microbial active soils with minimal, if any, processing to these raw ingredients. The human body has evolved over thousands of years to utilise these inputs to attain then maintain strong immune systems, robust physical capabilities and intellectual acuity from birth to death.

Knowing how our amazing bodies function and what they need for optimum health is poorly understood with resulting prevalence and increases in the number of Non Communicable Diseases, all linked to  chosen lifestyles.  There is greater knowledge about how motor vehicles operate (don’t put diesel in a petrol car, and ensure there’s always enough oil and water) than what our bodies require.

Sub-clinical diseases are prevalent in today’s society and it’s now regarded as ‘normal’ to lose three weeks of work time each year due to ‘catching the ‘flu’ or having asthma, or children having runny noses for weeks at a time. THIS IS NOT NORMAL  – it is preventable when the human body is given the correct foods to enable optimum health.

Our bodies have three main defence systems – gut bacteria, the skin, and naso-pharynx system. Respectively they provide protection against food and water-borne diseases, puncture wounds and air-borne pathogens.  For full protection, each system requires a full compliment of micro-nutrients and minerals, vitamins, protein, naturally derived saturated fats, pure water and minimally processed carbohydrates.

The Modern western diet is deficient in all the above resulting in our bodies and brains operating but nowhere to full potential yet this is now the new ‘normal’.

So, western societies now depend on synthetic health, not natural health.  Nutrient imbalances and deficiencies are being ‘propped up’ with synthetic health products which may seem similar to naturally derived products but, do not holistically satisfy our bodies needs.

What is synthetic health? Synthetic means “produced by synthesis, especially not of natural origin, …prepared or made artificially”. Synthetic health are artificial practices that try to keep us healthy – propping up body health by popping pills, going on diets, taking drugs, using unnatural products to replace bodies natural processes.

In this day and age, it seems that synthetic health is the only path or default going forward but that is result of our bodies not having access to natural products that have the full nutritional values with earth’s full list of lost minerals and trace elements.

Converted products help provide the right balance of real natural missing minerals and trace elements lost in the modern food chain

By detoxing, adding and building the missing nutrients in our soil, foods grown through the Converted system have every chance of obtaining all the required and missing trace elements and minerals that our bodies need – even those with unknown benefits to date.

Here you can view a variety of trace elements in our typical analysis.

real food

Helps build your bodies natural defences

A strong immune system is one of your best defenses against infections from bacteria and viruses. And, a healthy immune response helps protect against other health problems such as arthritis and certain types of cancer. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining the immune system’s ability to function at optimal levels. The problem is that most foods required to help build these defences have lost key micro-nutrient value over the past 50 years so even though you think you are providing your body with “nutrient rich” foods, in fact, you are still missing important micro-nutrients required for balanced healthy defences.

Using Converte Universal Natural Plantfood to grow produce, helps provide the platform for the full array of required micro-nutrients.


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