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The early years and results

During the late 90’s till 2003, David Menne worked closely with Conrad Vereker (seen here with David’s son Theo) to trial his universal plantfood across broadacre, pastures and horticuture in New South Wales.  David would converse closely with Conrad on his various trials, adjusting the formulation and applications to target optimum results in both nutrition and yield.

Here are samples of early results – what was astonishing was the size and quality of the results. There was something remarkable happening here.

Dairy Paddock Trial

Jamberoo, NSW – 6 litres was applied [diluted 100-fold] on 16 Nov 2001 to 0.12 Ha [50 litres/Ha] on the lower dry section of a very lush valley paddock (left). The treated 0.12 Ha had double the growth of the untreated area, with thick healthy clover, mixed with a very thick cover of under grass after 4 weeks.


Solanum rantonneti and Olea europaea

Milan Milanovic achieved the following on his Converte results on Solanum rantonneti and Olea europaea. A Solanum rantonneti before, and a week after drenching with Converte.


Lawn Trial

Con Vereker’s “2 week miracle” last Sept [2001] at the Jesuit’s Kerever Conference Centre (in New South Wales’ rich soil Southern Highlands region. Riversdale Avenue, Burradoo, New South Wales 2576)


Rose Trial

The roses grown with Converte [NOT hot-house ! Out in the open garden],  are plate-sized. As large as lettuces.


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