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Grow healthy. Live healthy.

Did you know that the nutritional value of fresh produce has diminished by up to 50%* in the past 50 years due to the use of intensive chemical-based growing practices? Have you ever wondered WHY more people (and especially children) are suffering from non-communicable diseases? The questions are complex but the solutions are simple.

Eat nutrient-dense, mineral-rich foods every day and grow them yourself….it’s as easy as 1234.

1. Become knowledgeable about what you eat

2. Care about what you eat

3. Grow what you can so you have total control

4. Enjoy the benefits of a chemical-free environment

Eliminate pesticides and chemicals in your garden and rebuild minerals and trace elements into your soils then into your home-grown foods.

With its complex mix of organic minerals, vitamins, plant hormones, seaweed extracts and natural growth chelates, Converte, the Australian produced plantfood is the most complex soil and plant health concentrate available. It returns the universal base nutrition to soils and plants to grow nutrient dense foods in your own garden.

3 Core products for use within your home garden nutrition programme

seed primer tab


Converte Seed Primer has been specially formulated to deliver the most complex and balanced nutrient treatment  directly into the seed.  The seed embryo then has higher access to nutrients to help germination, and build vigorous growth towards maximum yield.


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plantfood tab


Converte Plantfood contains mineral trace elements, phytoproteins, seaweed extracts, vitamins and plant hormones that together help to restore natural soil microbes and micro-organisms in soils and build base mineral nutrition.


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foliar spray tab


Converte Foliar Spray has been specially formulated for controlled nutrient input and ease of use across paddocks to promote healthy growth, flowering and fruiting, enhance colour in foliage and flowers and increase resistance to pests and diseases. Nutrients applied to the foliage are generally absorbed more rapidly than when applied to the soil. Foliar application provides a means of quickly correcting plant nutrient deficiencies.


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