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Converte Animal Nutrition

Complete Balanced Nutrition

Rich liquid natural mineral supplement for cattle, sheep and goats to help support animal wellbeing.

This liquid product provides balanced nutrition to promote overall health and provides essential minerals for cattle and sheep. This product combines natural minerals and other elements with an organic chelator.  This increases the uptake and absorption of nutrients, leading to better retention and improved performance and health of the animal.


  • Balanced Nutrition to support overall wellbeing
  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein)
  • Flexible application – can be used orally, in feed or in water supply (trough, tank, medicator or in-line system)
  • Readily absorbed 
  • Nil withholding period

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Application Guideline
Apply orally on dry feed or in water
Usage Application Rates
Cattle 60ml
Sheep/goats 50ml
Lambs/calves 20ml


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