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Converte Excelerate

The Converte System Starter Product

The Converte Excelerate was scientifically designed to provide  conventional famers with an introductory product to help transition them into the Converte farming system. Converte Excelerate feeds the soils and plants nutrients with a balanced nutritional liquid of trace elements needed for high yielding plant production. Converte Excelerate,  boosted with nitrogen, zinc and molybdenum, is a full-range starch-based liquid containing a complex mix of trace elements, phyto-proteins, seaweed concentrate, plant vitamins and a natural chelator.

 It is formulated to:

1. Actively promote early growth and meets the demand later in the season of crops, with high nitrogen requirements

2. Kick start the Converte health system-

a) that feeds supplemental trace elements

b) increases the pool of macro N & P and trace elements available to the plant

c) improves by chelation, nutrient transfer to plants

d) provides the plant with prophylactic [preventative] levels of trace elements

e) improves soil biology and plant health

Trial observations and results of the Converte system:

  • Improve soil water holding ability
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Improved soil aeration and drainage
  • Decreased reliance on fertilisers
  • Decreased nutrient leaching
  • Improvements in ‘nutrient density’ of food plants
  • Improvements in harvests

For use with conventional and organic production on:

Horticulture, broadacre, hydroponics, home garden, pasture improvement, feed stock improvement

Download Product Sheet

Download TA and Application Sheet

made in australia
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3 litres per acre = 1kg of N

Usage Application Rates
Broad acre/pasture improvement Spray 7.5 L/ha (or 3L/acre)
Horticulture Spray 7.5 L/ha (or 3L/acre)
Hydroponics Mix 500 litres water : 3 litre
Home gardens Mix 1 litre water : 120 ml





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