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Converte Liquid Plantfood

Complete Balanced Nutrition

Converte universal natural plantfood was scientifically designed to feed farming systems nutrients in a balanced formulae to enable health benefits to flow from the soil to the plant to livestock and to human populations.

This unique product has been extensively trialled and tested in the Riverina region of NSW over a period of 10 years leading to the launch of Converte UNP in 2013. This liquid concentrate is derived from natural resources and is compounded according to a system of ecological balance with chelation and natural chemistry. Converte contains mineral trace elements, phytoproteins, vitamins and plant hormones that together help to restore natural soil microbes and micro-organisms in soils.

It is formulated to:

  1. Feed organically with supplemental trace elements microbes promoting biological soil formulation as well as mycorrhiza promoting root-feed efficiency
  2. Increase the pool of macro N & P and trace elements available to the plant
  3. Improve by chelation, nutrient transfer to plants.
  4. Provide the plant with prophylactic [preventative] levels of trace elements to avoid “hidden” deficiencies [von Liebig production limitations]
  5. Improve soil and plant health giving additional resistance to weather extremes e.g. drought and frosts

Trial observations and results have shown:

  •      Improve soil water holding ability
  •      Increase soil organic matter
  •      Improved soil aeration and drainage
  •      Decreased reliance on fertilisers
  •      Decreased nutrient leaching
  •      Improvements in ‘nutrient density’ of food plants
  •      Improvements in harvests

For use with conventional and organic production on:

Horticulture, broadacre, hydroponics, home garden, pasture improvement, feed stock improvement

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made in australia
Converte Plantfood 20L Bottle Feb2015
Converte Plantfood 1000L Shuttle Feb2015
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Usage Application Rates
Broad acre/pasture improvement Spray 2.5 L/ha (or 1L/acre)
Horticulture Spray 2.5 L/ha (or 1L/acre)
Hydroponics Mix 500 litres water : 1 litre
Home gardens Mix 1 litre water : 10 ml


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