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Soil Health Programmes


Soil Quality Health Check

The primary asset on agricultural land is the soil.  Good quality soils are the necessary foundation for producing healthy produce and livestock.

  • Healthy soil is alive with trillions of minute organisms which recycle and free up nutrients to drive plant growth. 
  • More plant mass means greater productivity with lower production costs.
  • More nutrient availability and balance means better quality food.
  • More living organisms mean better soil structure and plant growth, and slower water movement through the soil, which increases soil water retention and reduces erosion.

To assist farmers to better monitor and manage soil quality Converte in association with leading independent laboratories are providing a soil health check based on the very latest advances in soil and plant science.

Converte Soil Health Check Steps:

1. Request a visit from our team of soil specialists

2. Farm visit for collecting paddock history and soil sampling,  including 2 composite soil samples

3. Laboratory analysis for soil chemical properties above

4. Soil biology analysis presented as above

5. Interpretation of results and reporting – letter format

The fee for our soil sampling Service is $499.00 excluding GST. For more information:  1800 108 940   or


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