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Why Converte

Converte offers a unique range of products all scientifically designed by the industrial chemist David Menne.  Our products are designed to build balanced health across the broader food-chain – soils, plants and animals.  We have been working directly with farmers for the past 15 years with Converte products with an amazing variety of positive experiences. You can view examples on the ABC Landline feature here.

We work with conventional, organic and biological farmers across a broad spectrum of broad-acre cropping, viticulture and horticultural practises. Each has their own story to tell and each has been able to start the conversion from poor soil and plant health to healthy sustainable farming systems capable of producing consistent yields year on year.  By optimising your farming practises with Converte the plants and animals that you sustain will have better resilience to stresses, be healthier and offer you a higher value at sale.


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Replenishing lost minerals

Help accelerate strong growth

3 pathways to nutrient uptake

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Real product experiences

ABC Landline Feature – Organic Passions

So why should you consider converting? Ask yourself a few questions.


Do you know if your soil is healthy? Is it ready to bring you a bumper crop?

Having problems with your soil’s moisture retention ability?

Has your crop production reached a plateau and you don’t know where to go ?

Are you growing your farm’s greatest asset – your soil?

Are you increasing yield and quality year on year?

Are you looking to leave a legacy for your kids?

Are you worried about the your farm’s health? And building a healthy environment for your family

Protein Producers

Are you a free range producer and not achieving the quality you expect?

Do your meats meet highest quality grade year on year?

Are your pasture’s soils holding water?

Home Gardeners

Are you worried about using pesticides in your garden around your kid and pets?

Does your lawn always dry out quickly?

Are you an avid vegetable gardener and can’t get the taste you expect from home grown produce?

Do you spend too much money watering your gardens?


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