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3 pathways to nutrient uptake

Converte Universal Natural Plantfood provides three products to help build plant and soil health across plant growth cycle.

Build health pre-planting


Converte UNP Seed Primer

By treating seed with Converte UNP Seed Primer, the seed nutrient status improves. This nutrient boost translates into a more vigorous root system, During priming, nutrients are taken up by the seed. When sown, the  elevated nutrients help early germination  of the growing embryo through nutrient mobilisation. Roots  emerging from germinating seed already have it’s share  of applied nutrients and empowers vigorous searching of soil nutrients

Build health in early growth


Converte Universal Natural Plantfood

Scientifically designed to feed soil and plant systems nutrients in a balanced formulae to enable health benefits to flow during early growth from the soil to the plant to livestock and to human populations.

Build health in late growth to help flowering and production


Converte UNP Foliar Spray

Nutrients applied to the foliage are generally absorbed more rapidly than when applied to the soil. Foliar application provides a means of quickly correcting plant nutrient deficiencies to help provide the best growing conditions for flowering and food production

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