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Deep ultra-trace element mix

Modern conventional food production in focused on 3 major nutrients (N,P and K), 6 minor nutrients (Ca, Cl,Mg, Fe, Na, and S) 5 trace elements (Mn, Zn, Cu, B, and Mo) and 3 further trace elements may be added (Co, Se and I).  In contrast the first cells from the Precambian ocean and indeed modern day ocean plants contain 77 minerals. What are we missing in our foods today?

Converte UNP has been developed to restore the full nutrient balance to plants and catalyse soil biology to further release and transport nutrients locked up in soils.  Natural chelators are added to improve the efficiency of nutrient transport.

And importantly, we have increased the strength of the ultra-tracement mix to ensure we have the full mix of nutrients available for uptake to bring back lost nutrients into the food chain. Everyone is focused on what plants require to grow not what nutrients we require for complete balanced nutrition.

Below are the typical analysis of each product. These are just some of the key elemements. Interesting to note that most laboratories do not provide a full list of the 77+ minerals available for health.


Converte Universal Natural Plantfood

Typical Analysis
Element mg/L
Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N 1120
Phosphorus as P 44.6
Potassium 3680
Organic Carbon 27100
Sulphate 5500
Silicon 149
Calcium 792
Magnesium 333
Sodium 2340
Chromium 32.1
Cobalt 48.1
Copper 108
Manganese 400
Molybdenum 34.6
Nickel 10
Selenium 12.2
Zinc 436
Boron 81.4
Iron 851

Converte UNP Foliar Spray

Typical Analysis
Element mg/L
Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N 812
Phosphorus as P 27.3
Potassium 1780
Organic Carbon 14300
Sulphate 2130
Silicon 64.9
Calcium 407
Magnesium 170
Sodium 804
Chromium 16.1
Cobalt 22.2
Copper 86.3
Manganese 233
Molybdenum 14.8
Nickel 2.86
Selenium 9.22
Zinc 202
Boron 44.8
Iron 151

Converte UNP Seed Primer

Typical Analysis
Element mg/L
Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N 1260
Phosphorus as P 149
Potassium 1390
Organic Carbon 16100
Sulphate 2400
Silicon 50.9
Calcium 261
Magnesium 169
Sodium 2000
Chromium 8.18
Cobalt 35.6
Copper 115
Manganese 390
Molybdenum 28.1
Nickel 4.5
Selenium 13.8
Zinc 308
Boron 68.5
Iron 610

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