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Converte UNP – application examples

1.            When planting new plants

2.            To water in seedlings or as seed coating

3.            When applying any conventional fertiliser

4.            To reinvigorate growthAt seasonal turnover time for broadacre or vegetable gardens

5.            To soil to get most from organic composts and soil improvers

What plants can Converte UNP be applied to?

Converte UNP is suitable for all plants in the ground or in pots. It can also be used in hydroponics.

Is Converte UNP toxic at all?

Converte UNP is a natural product. It is safe and carries no health or safety warnings beyond the usual recommendations of washing up after use. Of course, its undiluted form may cause minor eye and skin irritation if contact occurs.

When and how often should I use Converte UNP?

Converte UNP can be used all year round. Application timing is similar to conventional fertilisers – application can be at seeding or after plant growth. Normally one application is enough but can be used again in late growth period to boost final output.

For best results in the garden, apply to all garden beds and lawns at start of spring, summer and autumn to help maximise soil activity and plant performance.

For plants with rapid growth such as seasonal or annual vegetables or flowers, Converte UNP can be applied at planting then fortnightly through to harvest.

And how it is applied?

Once diluted, Converte UNP is suitable for watering can or sprayer application. It is recommended that it be used immediately. Fertigation, soil or foliar application is acceptable.

Can I overuse Converte UNP?

Results have shown that the only issue occurs when you do not dilute down the concentrate to approved levels (see dilution rates on front page). It does not hurt the plant only slow down the growth rate in the initial period.

What does Converte UNP look and smell like?

Undiluted, Converte UNP has a brown liquid appearance with a sweet, somewhat pleasant syrup like smell. It has no offensive aroma in its diluted form so is ideal for use in any situation.

How quickly does Converte UNP work?

Changes in soil nutrient levels are complete within a couple of weeks of application when best growth is displayed. Foliar application can show quicker growth results.

What is the shelf life of Converte UNP?

The product should be stored in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight, in which case the product will last up to 12 months. However, for best results it is recommended that once the contents of the bottle or container are opened, it should be used reasonably quickly.

Can you apply with pesticides?

Pesticides will have an adverse affect on Converte UNP results, if applied at the same time or after Converte application. If pesticides are required in programme, Converte should be applied a minimum two weeks after use of pesticides.

Why not just apply NPK fertilisers?

N:P:K fertiliser only is not recommended for the following reasons:Nitrogen fertiliser is lost to the air, leached out of the root zone, removed via erosion and can potentially ‘burn’ susceptible plants.

Converte UNP fixes nitrogen in ‘plant available’, not damaging forms.Phosphorus fertiliser is rapidly ‘locked-up’ in some soils, or converted into forms that plants can never access. Converte UNP converts this phosphorus back into plant available forms.

Converte UNP increases available potassium levels without any detrimental effects on the soil.Numerous trace and micro elements are more available following the application of Converte UNP.


The over-application of certain nutrients can restrict the availability of others. Converte UNP reduces nutrient excess and heavy metal issues.

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