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Replenishing lost minerals

Just because a plant is green, doesn’t mean it abounds with nutrition.

All of the elements and trace elements should be present in all life forms from the lowest such as plankton and earth worms to the highest which is human life.

Diminished nutrition in infants, aged persons and any persons who may be suffering a medical condition often relates to the absence of a balanced diet. Indeed Dr. Linus Pauling (28 Feb l90l ~ I9 Aug l994), the only winner of 2 unshared Nobel Prizes ever, said, “You can trace every sickness every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

Plant life also requires adequate nutrition, particularly when soils their lifeblood, have been irresponsibly subjected to a diet of harsh fertilizers with no consideration of side effects which may eventuate in the course of time to poor soil and the plants themselves because of the destruction of essential microbial life in soils.

Examples of negative side effects are:

1. Diminished crop harvest

2. Lack of natural flavours

3. Lack of frost resistance

4. Lack of heat resistance

5. Lack of ability to resist insects

6. Insufficient ability to effectively use available water

There are many more negative reasons why today’s agriculture is unable to sustain a level of positive production but it can be corrected and implemented.

Nutrition is the key to this change. The Converte new life system commenced with assessing if and why crops exhibited nutrient deficiencies. This involved analyzing the chemistry of today’s vegetation, evaluation of the missing supplements and experiments from farms to supermarkets; on soils, grain, fruit, vegetables, livestock, dairy, poultry and related food products. This procedure was used to identify the areas where inefficient and low nutritional food products are resourced.

The next task was to introduce essential supplements to compensate affected plant life and soils to restore all the minerals, trace elements, micro-organisms, microbes and nutrients which have been gradually leached over many years, primarily in the last 55 years.

This challenge took more than I0 years and the study of many thousands of pages of research. The secret of Converte is not in the knowledge of its components.

The secret lies in the sources of these components. Converte components are derived from natural resources and are compounded accordingly to a system of balance with chelation and natural chemistry. This gives the ability, as the heart and the brain does in human life forms, to properly distribute the required dosage of vitamins, hormones, minerals and trace elements. Remember all this activity is only possible if the soil is alive and the most efficient method to achieve this is though the new life system derived from Converte.

Converte helps develop conditions to that provide high Brix levels in plant life. Brix is a measurement of real nutrition and generally indicates the sum of many of the indicators of the overall health of the subjected plants. The important aspect is how does the nutrition get there? One comparative explanation is that blood in humans carries the nutrition absorbed from food consumption. The blood regenerates and is continually distributed throughout the anatomy by the heart pumping microscopic nutrients and minerals throughout the body.

A similar system applies to plant life, sea life and microbial life. Soil fertility is the foundation of Converte. It activates the soil microbes and micro-organisms, which stimulate seed germination and release the substances which activate the root growth. This causes the generation of an electromagnetic reaction similar to a pulse, which will begin to co-ordinate the distribution of the various natural formulations traveling to their predetermined destinations throughout the plant. This is similar to the action of the human heart when it distributed nutrition to the cells of life in humans.

Although different much of the natural chemistry plant nutrition is based on the same principal of all life forms and contains the basic natural requirements – carbon, oxygen, water, nitrogen, minerals, trace elements and microbes.

It all begins in the soil which contains bacteria and microbes involved in feeding nutrition to germinating plant seeds feeding root systems generating plant growth to maturity, flowering and fruiting; which feeds all animals and humans, in fact the entire planet. If soils are not balanced neither is anything else and that is what Converte plantfood and the creation of a new life system is all about, ENSURING ‘THAT BALANCE.

Converte Typical Analysis

Modern food contains 3 major nutrients (N,P and K), 6 minor nutrients (Ca, Cl,Mg, Fe, Na, and S) 5 trace elements (Mn, Zn, Cu, B, and Mo) 3 further trace elements may be added (Co, Se and I).  In contrast the first cells from the Precambian ocean and indeed modern day ocean plants contain 77 minerals.

Converte liquid plant food has been developed to restore the full nutrient balance to plants and catalyse soil biology to further release and transport nutrients locked up in soils.  Natural chelators are added to improve the efficiency of nutrient transport.

It includes:

Natural chelators / sequestrants

Natural Sarrharides & Organics



Plant Hormones


Typical Analysis: (provided by ALS Sydney, April 2014)

Typical Analysis
Element mg/L
Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N 1120
Phosphorus as P 44.6
Potassium 3680
Organic Carbon 27100
Sulphate 5500
Silicon 149
Calcium 792
Magnesium 333
Sodium 2340
Chromium 32.1
Cobalt 48.1
Copper 108
Manganese 400
Molybdenum 34.6
Nickel 10
Selenium 12.2
Zinc 436
Boron 81.4
Iron 851

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